#ldnont is home!

London always shows the world how we can unite and be there for one another. This is us doing our part. 

Over the last few weeks businesses have made the transition to working from home, making big changes to their business so it can continue to run. Some amazing companies have risen to the challenge to help. TBK Creative, Western IT Group & Consys Group have led the way in helping this transition to Work From Home. But now that you have settled in… what’s next?

We have launched London Tech Tools to help businesses in the community settle into your new technology lifestyles. From business owners looking to make their way through new technology challenges, to staff who have been thrown into the deep end of new software and tools. We have put together over 100 useful articles, documents, links and tools to help you keep your business and home security. 2020 started with cybersecurity being a hot topic and current events will keep it in the spotlight.

But we don’t stop there. We live and breathe in London! We have gathered useful resources, tools, links to keep you aware of changes happening with COVID-19 and the community projects looking to help support local businesses. #LdnKindness is strong and we are here to help it reach as many people as possible.

As we do with our business, we help steep our clients in the right direction each and every time. I hope we can help steer you in being informative of the ever-changing landscape in technology.

Stay Safe
– Techdoz Team

#StayHome    #FlattenTheCurve