Need Help?

So we gave you a great deal of resources but you are still saying:

  • I need more help for my business!
  • I want talk to a real person about my business!

Navigating technology shouldn’t be a headache but sometimes you may need to reach out to a reputable Managed IT Service Provider to help guide you through the process.

If you are a local London Ontario business please feel to reach out.

  • Consulting is free
  • Discounted service rates available
  • Non Profit Organizations rates available


What are the requirements?

You are a local London, Ontario, Canada business looking to take control of your technology.

How does this work?

Send us an email with info on yourself and your company and what you are looking to achieve and we will get back to you.

How long are you doing this?

We will be providing our free consulting and discounted service rates through the month of April. Check back often for any changes to this time frame.

What about COVID-19 rules?

Please note that due to COVID-19 provincial and federal rules, any on-site technical services is limited. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Whats the Catch?

Current local and world events have seen a lot of businesses deal with new technology challenges. We are members of this community and we want to see businesses succeed. We are here to offer clear guidance for your technology. If we get the opportunity to work with you in the future, it would be awesome. But in the meantime let’s focus on the present and make sure your business comes out ahead.

Who is Techdoz?

We can’t preach cyber security without saying “Please Do Your Research” on Techdoz.

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